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All following posts are written by Mike "Maverick" Laffitte and Alex Ed "GamerSpax" Prins-Stairs:

Interview with Peter New
Update by: GamerSpax

I'm going to be brief here, but we have another brony related interview up and this time, with Peter New.  It was a very fun and energetic interview and I hope many of you will enjoy it as well.  Also, this will be your last chance to get a 10% discount off for BABScon so don't let it slip away.
TGTZ Interviews: Peter New

That's all for now, till next time game and toon fans!

Pwanchi Joins TGTZ
Update by: GamerSpax

Hey everyone!  First of all, Pwanchi Productions has joined The Game Toon Zone and I would like to introduce their first project on this site, Resident Evil: Code Pwanchi.  Check it out on their page!
Pwanchi Productions

More shows from them will be added over time.  Also, we now have a Twitter account for you to follow which you can find the link to on the menu bar to the left.

Finally, The Cruel, The Special, & The Derpy can still use some more help.  If anyone is interested, check out the email on the project's page.
The Cruel, The Special, & The Derpy

That's all for now, till next time game and toon fans!

Brony Madness
Update by: GamerSpax
Welcome to the first update of 2014.  This has taken a while due to IRL issues as well as professional issues, but we finally have an update.  I also have a possible update for this weekend as well, but I'm not making any promises yet due to preparations I am making for other things.

Anyway, we have two new videos.  The first is an interview with the talented Andrea Libman which you can check out in the following link.  And don't forget, those who want to attend BABScon should also look out for a special discount code within the video it's self.
TGTZ Interviews: Andrea Libman

And finally, I have a new project in the works which is also a big team effort.  It's based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and while I can't reveal too much at this time, the script has gotten very positive reception from everyone who's joined in on the project.  Check out the teaser in the following link.

That's all for now, till next time game and toon fans!

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